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Premier Structural Steel


Certified Welder

  • Requirements:
    • 3-5 years experience 
    • Able to weld at least steel and stainless steel 
    • Able to use a variety of tools without a problem
    • Able to read blueprints
    • Must be opened minded and willing to learn more

Handy Man

  • Requirements:
    • 2 years experience
    • Able to use a wide variety of tools
    • Able to commute to certain locations when needed
    • Must be open minded and willing to learn more (example: welding)


  • Requirements
    • Does not need to have experience but does need to be knowledgeable with Word, Excel, Etc.
    • Needs to be driven to do more
    • Able to contact new and regular clients
    • Must be organized 


  • Requirements
    • Must be a Junior or Senior at a 4-year university 
    • Must be a Business Major with at minimum one of these concentrations:
      • (Human Resources, Management, Marketing, IT, etc)

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