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Premier Structural Steel

Cesar Perez

Marketing and Business Development Director 
  • Graduating with a Bachelors in Science from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, Cesar brings Management and Human Resource (emphasis on Entrepreneurship) skills and Marketing Management that will help Premier Structural Steel reach new heights to thrive.

Where We have Done Business

With 20 years in business, we would like to show where we can gone to do business! We are looking forward to expanding our services to where you need us to be. The map below shows where we have done business in North America. Keep in mind that these are not the number of jobs we have done, but rather the locations we have done business in. 

Why We Started and Where We Are Now

​In 1996, Premier Structural Steel was founded by Jose Perez. Mr. Perez had goals of providing excellent welding services to clients while developing his knowledge, growing a sole-proprietorship business and providing for the family. Over the years, Mr. Perez not only provided the essentials for the family but was also able to grow the company so it could handle larger projects and provide work for others.

20 years later, Mr. Perez has had much success gaining the respect of many clients because of the processes used for stunning welding, safety protocols and great pricing that reflect the work we do. Also, Mr. Perez has many licenses to back his company and employees. Some of those licenses are:

- Los Angeles Certified Welder

- Los Angeles Contractors 

- Etc.

We are looking to expand/grow and now that we have the right mindset and more knowledge, we are capable of making those changes starting this year. Some of the growth we expect to see within a few years would be larger working location, possibly turning into an LLC, collaborating would universities to provide internships to students, expansion in marketing and social media, and more. You will see the physical change soon with paperwork, style of work, communication and more!

Meet the Team

Our team of specialized individuals will keep growing year to year as our company flourishes alongside yours business. Here at Premier Structural Steel, we have team-members that not only care about the company they work for, but also, the clients. We are starting to better structure our business to give you the best service that you won't receive elsewhere!

Our Story

Jose Perez

Founder of Premier Structural Steel.

  • Mr. Perez has held this company for 20 years and has multiple licenses to help his company thrive. Alongside with the licenses, Mr, Perez is the best welder and knows how to do his job with almost any metals. Some of those metals would be steel, stainless steel, bronze, titanium, aluminum and more!